Register to Vote Now to Avoid Problems in November


Are you registered to vote? I don't care who you are interested in voting for, but I want to make sure that all of my readers are registered to vote. The democratic process is one of the greatest things about being an American. We have the right to choose who runs out government.

Before an election - Make sure you are registered to vote. has everything you need to find the correct registration for your state. Also make sure you know where your polling place is located. Depending on your area, it could be a school, library, or other local location.

Day of the election - Bring your photo ID with you to the polling place. If you recently moved, it's also helpful to bring your voter registration card just in case their paperwork wasn't updated on time. If you are not allowed to vote because you forgot something or you weren't listed, request a provisional ballot. They will record your ballot in a sealed envelope and it will be counted once they can verify your voter eligibility.

After the election - Be proud that you live in a nation that allows you to voice your opinion.

Disclaimer: Making Cents of It is remaining nonpartisan during the upcoming election season. I will post any deals related to the elections under the politics label.


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