Shared Reading: Credit Card Schemes That Could Make or Save You Money


Saving Money On New Credit Card Fees

Here at Making Cents of It, I always try to encourage the smart use of credit cards. I also mentioned the other day about a new law that allows stores to charge you a credit card surcharge. Now the question is how can you be smart with credit cards and avoid new fees? It's simple, shop smarter. These new fees are not mandatory and those stores that choose to adopt the fee will need to be clear with fee and not sneak it onto your bill.

US News has released a new article, Credit Card Schemes That Could Make or Save You Money. The article offers some ways that smart shoppers can avoid those surcharges and earn more rewards on their purchases.
For example, a credit card that doles out 5 percent cash back on groceries may be used to purchase a Gap gift card at a supermarket. Effectively, the credit card user earns 5 percent cash back at Gap.
This is a wonderful idea that I never thought about before. My credit card offers a bonus cash back on grocery store purchases. If I buy the gift card at the grocery store, I'll get that higher percentage back on the purchase.

You can read more about ways to save money from US News.


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