Shared Reading: Insider Shopping Tips From a Grocery Store Cashier


We already know to compare the unit prices when we go food shopping to make sure we're getting a good deal, but there are tons of other ways to save at the grocery store. Daily Finance created a list of suggestions for their column, The Savings Experiment.

Don't put mixed-priced things in one bag. The main offenders are sweet peppers -- if green peppers are $0.99/lb, orange peppers are $1.99/lb and you put them in the same bag, I'm charging you $1.99/lb for the whole thing.
This doesn't just apply to vegetable but any items that are sold by the pound. Some people think they are being sneaky when they create a bag of mixed nuts but that's not the case. Cashiers must charge you for the most expensive item in the bag/container.

Other suggestions include purchasing in bulk and skipping the pre-cut items which are marked up in price. I don't agree 100% with the pre-cut suggestion. While it costs more per pound, you're also not throwing parts (like the rind) out. You're also not spending the time cutting the fruit out. It's similar to the price difference in regular chicken and boneless chicken, sometimes it's worth a few cents more per pound.
Read the full article at Daily Finance.


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