Weekly Back to School Deals - July 21, 2013


It's only July right? School only just let out but stores are already beginning their back to school sales. Below are the best sales for July 21-27, 2013. Remember that these sales are not just for students. Some of these office supplies are needed often around the house or office. Each store has additional sales for the week however I have only posted those deals which I thought were worth purchasing. Check your Sunday fliers for additional sales.


  • Sharpie Markers, 2/pack - $0.25
  • Bic Round Stic Grip Ballpoint Pens, 8/pack - $0.25
  • Staples poly cover 1-subject notebook - $0.25
  • Really Useful Products .14-liter storage bin - $0.25
  • Staples Filler Paper - $0.50
  • Staples poly cover composition book - $0.50
  • Ream of Staples multipurpose paper, 500/sheets - $1

Staples is also offering the Back to School Savings Pass for $10 which will get you 15% off most purchases until September 21, 2013.

Office Depot

  • Office Depot Brand Eraser caps, 12/pack - $0.10
  • Office Depot Brand Folders - $0.10
Last year, Office Depot teamed up with Lady Gaga. This year they are teaming up with One Direction for the same anti-bullying promotion. Keep an eye out because they might sell limited edition gift cards which will make a donation to charity without costing you.

Office Max

  • Single Woodcase #2 Pencil - $0.01
  • Officemax Glue Sticks, 2/pack - $0.01
  • Schoolio 3x5" Index Cards, 100/pack - $0.01
  • Avery 5160 White Laser Mailing Labels, 3000 labels - $0.01 (after rewards)
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes To-Go Pack - $0.50
  • All Really Useful 0.14-Liter Mini Storage - $0.50
  • Schoolio 1-Subject Notebook - $0.50
  • Officemax 10-Ream Case of Paper - $4.99 (after rewards)

Any deal that states "after rewards" means that you must be enrolled in the store's free reward program. You will have to pay full price for the item however they will send you a reward check which works like a gift certificate towards a future purchase.

Any deal that states "after rebate" means that you must complete a rebate form with by paper or on the internet and submit the information. Rebates can be returned to you as checks, pre-paid credit cards, and even Paypal deposits. Read the rebate offers for more details.


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