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Harrison Ford stars in the new science fiction film based on the novel, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. The man idea of the plot is that following a war with aliens, humans recruit children to train for the next war. Published in 1985, Card was originally hesitant to turn his story into a film but after 28 years, a script came through that he felt would work. One major change is that the character of Ender is six years old in the book but around twelve in the film. The actor is sixteen years old, but appears younger.
Well, the stuff these kids were required to do—they’re flying on wires—in order to keep the budget within line, they had to work with older kids. So though there are things that I wish had gone a different way in the abstract, given the realities of Hollywood, I couldn’t be happier. (Source: Wired)
This quote also serves to answer questions to all fans of the novel. Things will be different. I personally have not read the book, however after seeing the film I already went to the library and plan to read this weekend.

The sets and costumes were incredible. Everything was made to be futuristic. Part of the training that Ender goes through is a war game in a zero gravity environment. Watching these teenagers float around was incredible.

My personal opinion of Ender's Game was a fantastic science fiction film for all ages. There is some violence, however no more than you might see in a video game. The screening I attended was in IMAX and I must say that I loved it, however I think the film would still be amazing without the up-charge.

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Movie Rating for Ender's Game

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