Movie Review: Last Vegas


When I first saw the trailer for Last Vegas, it struck me as The Hangover for the geriatric fan base. After seeing the film, I know this was incorrect. Last Vegas stars four actors ranging in age from 66 to 76. When Michael Douglas' character gets engaged to a girl half his age, his childhood buddies meet in Las Vegas for a weekend of fun.

The humor in this film will reach most fans and many jokes are funnier because of the character's ages. The sets were wonderful, but since they shot on location in Las Vegas that really isn't surprising. I did like the way that they made fun of other movies in the bachelor party genre and found myself laughing hard for the first time in a while.

My personal opinion of Last Vegas is that anyone looking for a good laugh without too much thought will enjoy it. It doesn't get rude or lude but it does poke fun at many situations. I took my mother to the screening and she agreed that the film was enjoyable.

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Movie Rating for Last Vegas
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