Movie Review: Free Birds


Every year, the cartoon industry tries to market films towards kids and themed around holidays. This year, Free Birds is that movie. Two turkeys from 2013 break into a government facility and hijack a time machine. Returning to the first Thanksgiving, these two turkeys try and save the turkeys and prevent them from becoming the traditional meal for this annual holiday.

The film begins with humorously with a disclaimer showing that the film is a work of fiction and not the true history of Thanksgiving. We then meet our main character, Reggie, and see that he is not an ordinary turkey but more intelligent and questioning his place at a farm.

My favorite character in the film was STEVE (Space Time Exploration Vehicle Envoy), performed brilliantly by Star Trek alum George Takei. He brought the most humor into the film and was definitely the comic relief.

My personal opinion of Free Birds is that children will enjoy it and adults will see some humor in different parts. The 3D for this film was nothing special so don't spend the extra money unless you have free passes. I think that kids will love the movie but it's not one that will cross the age gaps.

Free Birds will be released nation wide on November 1, 2013. Check out my weekly post, Making Cents with Cori, on Cinemit for weekly specials on tickets and concessions.

Movie Rating for Free Birds

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