PetHub Tags as Low as $3.25 (After Shipping)


Today is National Dog Day and PetHub is offering a great discount on QR code dog tags. The basic tag is on sale for $1 with the promotional code NATDOGDAY. With shipping, the cost is $3.25. The basic tag offers a QR code, website address, and toll free phone number. You can also use the promotional code to upgrade to any other tag or collar. NATDOGDAY will take $13.95 off any purchase on PetHub. This promotional code is only valid on August 26, 2014.

You are able to create a free profile for your pet and the web address on the tag leads directly to your page. You can include as much, or as little, information as you choose. Benny's profile includes my name and number along with his vet's information. The website also includes a link for people to send an email with GPS coordinates of where the tag was scanned. This helps you find your missing pet faster. For people that don't have a smart phone or don't understand QR codes, the phone number directs them to an 24/7 operator that has access to all your information.

Benny has an upgraded tag with was personalized with his name and my phone number. I prefer this because if Benny does get out and the person that finds him doesn't understand QR codes, they will still have my number. The QR code gives the added benefit of the profile and GPS location if the person knows how to scan it.


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