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Hello to all my readers.  My name is Cori and I started this blog to help everyone find good deals when shopping.  Many of the blogs currently around the internet are geared towards parents.  This one is geared towards everyone.

Many of my friends come to me before making a big purchase.  Why?  Because I have a reputation for finding the best deals or loopholes in a store's policy to get the best deal.  While I can find these big deals when looking, I find smaller deals all the time.  It is these smaller deals that I will be sharing with you on this blog.  I will be posting here whenever I find an everyday bargain for you.  If it is something that requires a coupon, I will tell you where to get the coupon online. 

If you ever find a deal that you would like to share, please post it on the Shopping 4 Deals facebook page.  I will update the blog as soon as I see it.

My promise to you:
  • I will always link back to the source so you can check the fine print of a deal.
  • If a coupon is required and I can't link directly to the coupon, I will tell you where to find it.
  • I will tag all posts so that you can easily look through the labels to sort older posts.
  • I will only promote items and websites that I know are trustworthy.  If it's something I've just heard of and haven't used myself, I will tell you that right in the post.


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