Cheap Boardgames at Target


Great deal at Target this week if you like board games. Monopoly and Connect 4 are both on sale for $7. There is a $5 off Monopoly and a $4 off Connect 4 on Hasbro's website and on there is a coupon for $3 off select Hasbro games and Connect 4 is one of those games.

After coupons:
Monopoly - $2
Connect 4 - FREE

Correction: I'm being told the Target $3 coupon is for a different version of Connect 4, so that one will depend on the store. Let us know if it works for you.


Amanda said...

I couldn't use the $3 connect 4 coupon either but still $5 for 2 games is great, I bought 6 of each and in the end paid $30 for $84 worth of on sale games. The cashier and the lady in line were amazed. I can't wait for more deals like this.

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