Go the Extra Mile


I found a similar idea on givemeneither.com and thought it was a great idea to mention to my readers.  Go the Extra Mile will be our way of using our coupon and discount knowledge to help others.  When you find items under a dollar, consider purchasing two so you can donate one to a local food bank or community center.

I recently donated a large amount of non-perishable food to my local family services' office.  Everything you see on the table cost under $5 (total) after coupons.

Besides food banks, many communities have a place that helps people out with regular household items.  So if you see a sale on things like soap, toilet paper, or anything else, please think about those in need.  I'm not telling you to go spend a fortune, but a dollar here and there will really add up over time to help people.

As always, when I find great coupon I will post them here.  If the object is under a dollar I will tag it with the extra mile label.  Please consider the idea and help others in your community.


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