Hidden Secrets of Broadway


My title might be slightly off when I call these hidden secrets, because this is in fact public information. The reason I call them hidden is because many people, even native New Yorkers, don't know about them.

If you are willing to wait until the day of a show, you will often find the tickets for half price or less.  While this makes it more difficult to plan your vacation with the risk of a show you want being sold out, it also helps to save you money if you're flexible.

When Rent first came out, they always reserved the first two rows until a few hours before showtime when they would sell the tickets for $20.  Thanks to it's popularity, other Broadway shows have embraced similar ideas.  Playbill keeps a current list of shows that offer deals, student rush, and standing room only seating.  Many of these shows offer tickets for under $30.

Another option for discounted Broadway shows is the TDF TKTS Booth which sells tickets for 25-50% off same day shows.

Please stay tuned for future travel tips.  They will all be tagged with the "travel" label.  If you know deals in a city near you, please feel free to email them to me.


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