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Note: This post is no longer being edited.  You can find the new list on a page for Descriptions of the Labels.

When you look on the left column of Shopping4Deals you might notice a list of labels.  You can click the label on the left to see only posts in that category or you can click the label at the bottom of any post to find similar posts.  Here is a description of each label that I currently have on Shopping4Deals.  Some are self explanatory but I listed them all anyway.

Below you will find a master list of labels I use on this site.  I have limited the amount showing on the left column, but here you will see every label I use.  As I add more labels, I will try to keep this list updated.

In addition to the labels listed below, you can also sort posts by stores and/or websites.  If a deal is exclusive to a specific store, it will be labeled with the store's name.

article - Posts that link to reading material or important information from an outside

contest - Any post that involves a prize of some sort

coupon - Anything that involves a coupon either from the internet, newspaper, or other source

deal - Something that is not free but shouldn't be passed up

download - Something that is downloadable; most likely music, video, or ebooks

entertainment - Deals that involve entertainment outside the house such as movies, concerts, and shows

extra mile - Deals that are under $1 or charitable in nature.  See the first Extra Mile post for more details.

facebook - Posts involving information from a facebook page or deals for becoming a fan of something on Facebook

footnote - Posts that are linked on the footnote section of Shopping4Deals

free - Anything that is free including samples, rebates, and more

grocery - Deals and coupons that involve groceries

informational - Posts that contain information regarding a website or program

in-store - Deals that take place in the store

magazines - Subscriptions deals for magazines

mail-in - Deals that have a mail-in form or rebate

menu - Posts that are linked on the menu bar of Shopping4Deals

money maker - After coupons, rebates, and other offers these deals will end up putting money back in your pocket

music - Posts that are for songs, playlists, albums, and more

online - Deals that you can find on a website

pet - Offers that benefit the non-humans in your house

restaurants - Deals for when you want to eat out or just get a snack

site info - Posts that are related to Shopping4Deals and not a specific deal

sponsored - Posts that have been sponsored by a company through either compensation or by providing a give-a-way prize

travel - Anytime is a great time to travel when you can get good hotel rates, cheap food, or free entertainment


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