Free Batteries at Staples



If you remember, back in November Staples gave 100% rewards back on packages of 20 AA/AAA Duracell batteries.  Starting tomorrow, they will again be offering this deal on batteries.  That means that you can buy the packages of batteries for $9.99 and get $9.99 back.  There is a limit of two per person but 40 batteries for free is still a great deal.

To get this deal you will need a Staples' Reward card.  If you don't already have one, they are free to sign up for in the store or online and you'll get a percentage back on all your purchases.  While you will get the full value back, the money comes in the form of a Staples' check which must be used in store.

FYI: Staples always puts their upcoming flier online on Thursday but the deals do not start until Sunday.


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