Free Shopping Bag From Target


On April 18, 2010 Target will be giving away free reusable bags with a purchase.  The website doesn't mention if the purchase must be of a specific item, but the promotion is sponsored by Tide, GE, and Coca-Cola.  For more details, click the "Free Reusable Bag" tab on Target's Eco-Friendly page.  The link automatically goes to the sweepstakes for a car and I cant link directly to the bag deal.

Target has another great deal going on.  Also on their Eco-Friendly page, you will find under the "Recycle=Reward" tab that recycling five plastic bags will earn you a free reusable bag.  The link says to see the April 18, 2010 circular or mail five bags to an address in New Jersey.  Please see the website for the address.  This way you can make sure it's accurate if they change the mailing address.  Perhaps the April 18th flier will allow you to recycle the bags in the store and save on stamps to mail them the bag.


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