Information Regarding Disney Movie Reward Codes


The other day I mentioned that my account was blocked for entering invalid codes.  I have since found information regarding the problem.

When Disney recently created a new site, some old codes were recognized as new and valid codes by the new Disney Rewards site. However, Disney realized this system glitch and changed the codes to be invalid sometime yesterday.  Myself and other bloggers posted these codes because we assumed they were accurate.  As I mentioned, all the codes I had posted did work prior to the issue.  I would have never intentionally given you bad codes.

So according to Hip2Save, here is how to fix the situation….
  • Call Disney Movie Rewards at 1-866-246-8646; they are open Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Central Time. Since this has been happening a lot, please be prepared to be placed on hold for a while.
  • Explain that you were entering what you thought were valid codes and ask that your account be unblocked
  • Your account can often be unblocked immediately and you should not lose any of the rewards points that you have accumulated
  • If you do not contact them via phone, your account may stay blocked for an undetermined length of time

Source: Hip2Save


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