$5 Entertainment Book After Rebate


Shop at Home has a wild (Web's Incredible Limited Deals) rebate today only on the Entertainment book.  Instead of the normal $7 rebate, today you will get a $10 rebate.  If you are a new member you will also get the $5 sign-up bonus.  Since the book is priced at $15, your final cost will be $5 for returning members and free for new members.

To find this rebate, scroll down on the Shop at Home homepage.  You will see it listed about midway down on the right side of the page.

Depending on your location the coupons do differ, but most likely you will find fast food, local restaurants, entertainment, stores, and more.  You can also get discounts on hotels and rental cars if you are planning a vacation.

If you do not want to use Shop at Home, here are some other options:

1.  Entertainment.com - $15 (no money back)
2.  eBates
  • New Member -$3.75 (25%) + $5 (new member) = $8.75 back, Final Cost = $6.25
  • Returning Member - $3.75 (25%) = $3.75 back, Final Cost = $11.25
3.  Shop at Home
  • New Member - $10 + $5 (new member) = $15 back, Final Cost = Free
  • Returning Member - $10 = $10 back, Final Cost = $5
4.  MyPoints - 750 Points (1,550 points needed for $10 gift card)

Disclaimer: I have only recently joined Shopping at Home and while I've heard good things about them, I cannot personally comment on their program yet.


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