Free Google Voice Invite for Students


Google Voice is a great free service that allows you to forward calls from one number to any phone.  Since Google Voice is still in beta testing it is only available by invite.

The good news is they are now offering rushed invites for anyone with an .edu email address.  If you are a student or work at a college you can take advantage of an invite within 24 hours of your request.

They have also been sending rushed invites to people with military emails (.mil).  The military invite program has been going on for a while and I'm not positive it still works, but the link is still there so it's worth a try.

I have been using Google Voice since its predecessor, GrandCentral, so I was able to immediately upgrade my account from the old program when Google Voice began.

While you need to link it to a phone when you sign up, you can set it to never ring or text your phone.  You can then log-in and see your voicemails and SMS messages in a similar fashion to your emails.  When I sign up for free stuff, I always give the Google Voice number so I don't worry about telemarketers and other annoying calls.  For more information about it, check out their page.


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