I Signed Up for SocialSpark! (again)



This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey everyone!

I just signed up for a site called SocialSpark.  SocialSpark will be setting me up with sponsors to offer you all great deals and giveaways. Occasionally you will see sponsored posts that link to SocialSpark. I promise to give you an honest opinion about anything I write in these sponsored posts and clearly mark them as sponsored. One of their current giveaways is shown on For the Mommas blog. This blogger was given a Fandango giftcard to give a reader in exchange for posting the trailer for the upcoming film Date Night.

Signing up for SocialSpark was easy to do and I recommend it to any bloggers out there. All you need to sign-up is a blog and an email address. Simple right? I’m still waiting on them to approve my account and then I will be able to provide you with great opportunities. Hopefully the approval procedure is as simple as the application process.

When I applied, I was asked questions about the blog. I gave them a description and keywords that described Making Cents of It. These keywords will help them link me with the best sponsors to share information with you. I can’t wait to get started with offering you all great deals and giveaways.

Unfortunately I was not approved because the blog must be at least ninety days old.  Therefore, I have replied now that we've been around longer.  Hopefully this time they will accept me.

As I have mentioned before, if I make a sponsored post you will be made aware that the post is sponsored. I promise to always give you my honest opinion and to verify any information I post on Making Cents of It.

Visit my sponsor: I Signed Up for SocialSpark!

Edit: It seems that although they have now recognized that Making Cents of It is 90 days old, they did not approve this post because I originally submitted it on a different date and then made the post a "draft" when denied to repost at the 90 day mark.  I have sent an email to their customer service and am waiting to hear back.  Lesson learned?  Let their post get lost in the background of all the new posts because they want that time stamp more than people to read it.  I will keep you posted on if we will be able to get some cool sponsors here.


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