Learn a New Language for Free


If you have ever thought about learning a new language but thought that Rosetta Stone was too expensive then I have found a great website for you.  Live Mocha offers free online lessons in over thirty different languages.

Live Mocha offers lessons teaching conversational language along with reading, listening, writing, and speaking exercises.  A global community allows native language speaks to help new learners.  When you submit writing or audio samples, a native speaker will edit or correct the exercise for you.  Additionally you might occasionally be asked to help someone learning your native language.  This global community also serves as a great motivational system because everyone on the site is trying to learn a new language so you have that common understanding of the difficultly.

There are premium features including personal tutors and travel crash-courses, but the there is plenty of free material on the site that there is really no need to purchase the upgrades.


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