$4 AMC Movie Tickets


We've all seen the commercials for KGB's text messages, but now they are offering a new service that offers discounts.  They currently don't have a large selection of cities, but hopefully they will be expanding soon.

To help get their name out, KGB is offering AMC gold experience tickets, which normally cost $8, for only $4.  I checked around at prices and Costco sells a four pack for $34.99 ($8.75 per ticket).  Unfortunately this deal is only valid in select locations.

If you have never used one of these gold passes before, you buy these passes up front, but they can then be exchanged at the box office for a ticket up to $12.50 at no additional charge. The site does mention a possible surcharge for premium services such as 3D and Imax.

Current cities offering this promotion:

Although this deal specifically includes New York, I have had to pay a surcharge of $2 in the past to use a similar pass.  While this pass is different than the one I used, I just wanted to point out that in the more expensive markets you pay a little more at the theater.  Although it's still cheaper than buying the ticket directly at the movies.


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