Google Voice Is Now Open to the Public


On May 14, 2010, I posted information regarding Google Voice invites. I am excited to announce that as of today Google Voice is open to the public without requiring an invitation.

Google Voice is a great free service that allows you to forward calls from one number to any phone.  Since Google Voice is still in beta testing it is only available by invite.

I have been using Google Voice since its predecessor, GrandCentral, so I was able to immediately upgrade my account from the old program when Google Voice's beta testing began.

While you need to link it to a phone when you sign up, you can set it to never ring or text your phone.  You can then log-in and see your voicemails and SMS messages in a similar fashion to your emails.  When I sign up for free stuff, I always give the Google Voice number so I don't worry about telemarketers and other annoying calls.  For more information about it, check out their page.


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