Great Time to Stock Up On Ink (HP)


For those of you like me that have a HP printer, this upcoming week is the time to stock up on ink and recycle your empty cartridges.

The preview of this upcoming Sunday ad (June 6-12, 2010) shows that Staples is once again running their double rebate on HP inks (not toners) for reward members.  When you spend at least $49 in ink, you will earn 20% back instead of the usual 10%.  Additionally, with the purchase, you can recycle your old HP cartridges for $6 instead of the usual $3.

Depending on your printer this deal will differ for you but I know that I hold on to my empty inks until a deal like this.  I currently have six cartridges to recycle for a total of $36 back.  I don't have a tri-color color ink so I will be buying spares of each color at $10 a piece and an extra black to get up to the $50.  The 20% back will equal $10 so in the end after all my cash back, I will get five inks for $4.

Ink has a good shelf life so it never hurts to have an extra ink ready to go.  There is no reason to realize at 1am that you don't have ink to print out something for work or school that you need in the morning.


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