Is It Possible to Save During an Emergency?


My car recently stalled and after AAA arrived, it turned out that my battery was dead.  The tow-truck driver had spare batteries in his truck, but even with the AAA discount he wanted $140 for the battery and installation.  He jumped the car but I told him I wanted to check prices before buying a battery.  He warned me not to turn the car off because it would not start again and told me how to get to his shop if I decided to buy it from him.  It was late Saturday afternoon but luckily a few places were open and quoted me battery prices over the phone that were lower priced.

This incident made me realize something.  What's the best way to save money on something that you didn't plan for?  Many auto stores like Pepboys and Firestone offer coupons online, but it's not like you have a computer and printer in your car when something like this happens.  So what can you do?  I used my phone to shop quickly shop around, and luckily found a deal.  But is there a better way to insure the best deal during an emergency?

What ideas do you have for saving during an emergency?  Leave a comment to share your ideas with other Making Cents of It readers.


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