Money Making Deal for Listerine


A few weeks ago, I told you of a great deal on Listerine Whitening at Target.  It seems there is another deal now at Walgreens where a bottle of Listerine Whitening will only cost $0.99.

To get this price, you'll need a coupon for $2 off from and the in-ad coupon for $3 off from Walgreens' Sunday ad (June 13, 2010).  If you don't see the $2 coupon, try using the zip code 01364 and sorting by Personal Care.

This becomes a money making deal because in the June 2010 issue of People's InStyle magazine (page 104) there was a full page ad that included a rebate offer for a $10 prepaid Visa with any Listerine Whitening product.  There's no need for a rebate form.  Just mail your original receipt with the product UPC code circled and a paper with your name and address to:

“Dare to Wear” Gift
PO Box 4938
New York, NY 10185

Your purchase must be made by June 17, 2010 and the rebate request must be received by July 1, 2010.


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