Free Copy of The Twilight Saga Eclipse's Score


For anyone living under a rock, Eclipse is the latest installment in The Twilight Saga.  Burger King currently has a contest going on revolving around the movie called "Are You a Total Twi-Hard?"  The promotion determines how big a fan you are.  Additionally, the game pieces found on the cups have a code that you can enter online to unlock free exclusive material.

I recently discovered that this exclusive material includes ALL the tracks from the Eclipse Score.  To get the entire album, you will need to be a 100% Twi-Hard.  Just signing up got me to 85% and entering two game pieces got me the rest of the way to 100%.

Each set of downloads have a few of the tracks so you will have to download each track individually.  The downloads also included set and character photos but you do not have to download those if you don't want.

If you are unsure what it means for this to be the score, a score is the instrumental music that plays behind the scenes during the movie.

Update: It seems that you can reach the 100% without any game pieces.  If you allow BK to post to your Facebook and Twitter, your score will go up. (Thanks Prudent Patron for letting me know)


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