Free Guitar Stand and More


Whether you're a real musician or just rock out on Guitar Hero this is a deal you might be interested in. Music123 has a free rebate that will lead to a free double guitar stand.  The double guitar stand also comes with free shipping, so after the rebate it will be completly free.

Also part of the rebate is drum sticks and guitar strings (3-pack).  These two items are free after rebate but do not come with free shipping.  They are still a great value.

If you are like me and play Guitar Hero and Rockband, this deal can help you organize your gaming guitars as well.  It is adjustable so you can make it smaller to hold the plastic game controllers.  It is also nice to have extra drum sticks laying around for when you hit too hard and crack one.

Even better, Shop at Home (4% back) offers cash back on purchases.  This could cover the cost of shipping on the drumsticks and strings while making the guitar stand a money maker.

Source: SwagGrabber


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