Free Hotspot WiFi with Skype


If you still haven't tried Skype, I really recommend it. It's free for computer to computer calls and you can even do video calls and conference calls.

Tomorrow, Sunday July 11, 2010, Sype is offering free use of Skype Access. Skype Access allows you to connect through over 100,000 WiFi hotspots in cafes, hotels and airports worldwide.  When I use my laptop at Starbucks, Skype often pops up to ask if I would like to pay through Skype Access.  I always click no because as a gold card holder I have always gotten free WiFi at Starbucks anyway. 

Skype Access is available on select WiFi networks throughout the world.  A full list of networks can be found on Skype's website.  On a normal day, Skype charges $0.19 per minute for Skype Access.  Since many hotspots charge by the hour or day, this really keeps the cost down if you're just logging on for a few minutes to do something quickly.


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