If you haven't already heard of them, I'd like to talk today about House Party is a marketing program that gives you new products to share with your friends. If/when you’re selected to host a party you will receive a party package including the product to demonstrate or use at your party along with party favors for your guests.

When you sign up for their mailing list or follow them on Facebook, you will find out about new opportunities as they become available. If you see something you're interested in, sign-up. If you are selected to host a party, you will receive a party pack in the mail.

Past parties include:

I've tried to compile a list of questions you might have regarding  If there is something I've missed, please leave a comment and I will try to find the answer for you.

How do I apply to host a party?

When you see a party that you are interested in, just click the "apply to host" button on that page.  It will bring you to an application which will ask you qualifier questions.  These questions determine if you are eligible to host.  For example, if you don't have a PS3, how can you host a party for their newest game?  If you qualify, your application will be reviewed.

Will I get to host every party I host?

Sadly, no.  House Party gets lots of applications and sponsors only provide a set number of party packages.  I'm not sure the criteria they use to make the final selection.  In a Wallstreet Journal article from a few years ago, it mentioned that 15,000 people applied for a party that had 2,500 hosts.  Since then, House Party has gained popularity which means even more people are applying to host.  Just don't get discouraged and keep trying.

What is the hosting experience like?

When I hosted my first party for DJ Hero, I created a three post series about the experience.
  1. Before the Party
  2. Day of the Party
  3. After the Party

How do I know if I've been selected?

You will find out if you were selected through an email.  Additionally, you can always log on to to check your application status.

If selected, I am inviting a lot of guests? May I request extra supplies? Will I be reimbursed for additional items I purchase?

Unfortunately the answer to both questions is no.  Each party pack is pre-boxed and ready to ship.  Therefore, each package will be identical for every host of the selected party.  House Party has made suggestions of raffling off the items or using them as prizes for party games.

As for purchasing additional items, all you get from House Party is what they listed on the party's page.  Anything else you want at your party will be supplied by you.  My suggestion is to use all of our coupon and deal finding knowledge to keep costs down.  Some of the food related parties will provide you with plates and such.  If you need more, check your dollar stores.


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