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Swagbucks is a site that rewards users with points, referred to as Swagbucks, for using the internet. Swagbucks can be redeemed for prizes.

What are the prizes?

The most popular prize is the $5 amazon.com gift card for 450 swagbucks but the Swag Store is full of all different prizes and sweepstakes.

How do I earn swagbucks?

These are the methods that I use to earn swagbucks.
  • Searching the Web - Swagbuck's search engine combines Google and Ask to bring you search results.  You can set your browser's default search engine to Swagbucks to increase your chance of winning.  Not every search will result in swagbucks.  On Fridays, referred to as Mega Bucks Friday, you can win even more swagbucks through searches.
  • Finding Swag Codes - Codes are placed randomly throughout the social networks.  You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Swagbuck's blog, and more.  Sometimes the codes will be easy to find and other times they might require a hunt.  Please note that sharing the swag codes can result in your accounted being canceled.  
  • Daily Polls - Earn a swagbuck everyday when you vote in the daily poll.
  • Inviting Your Friends - You will earning matching swagbucks, up to 1000 each, when you refer your friends.  The matching swagbucks are only for searches. 
  • Use the Widget - You can install the widget anywhere including Facebook and Twitter. 
Here are some more methods of earning swagbucks.
  • Install the Toolbar - If you install the toolbar, you will earn one swagbuck each day when you open your browser.  They also put swagcodes through messages on the toolbar so that's an additional reason to install it if your browser isn't already cluttered.
  • Surveys -You can qualify for surveys.  Depending on the length of survey, you will earn a different amount of swagbucks.
  • Special Offers - This includes signing up for mailing lists or just watching commercials.  It's something to look at when you're bored to earn some extra swagbucks.
  • Shopping in the Earn Mall - When shopping online, click through the Swagbucks Mall to earn points on every purchase.
  • Recycling -You can send in your old broken electronics to be recycled and earn points.
  • Post Your Prizes - When you post pictures of your redeemed prizes on Facebook or Twitter, you might win extra swagbucks for sharing.

What can I do to increase my swagbucks?  Can abusing the system cause my account to be deleted?

I listed these two questions together because they go together.

You can set your browser's default search engine to swagbucks.  This way you have a chance to earn swagbucks each time you search.  Make sure you only make real searches.  If you search for too many things in a row, Swagbucks might suspend your account for spam.

When a swag code is published somewhere, you have the opportunity to earn extra swagbucks.  There are rules surrounding the swag codes which include you can't share them.  This is because the codes are sometimes designed as a scavenger hunt.  You are allowed to say something like "check out the swagbuck's twitter for a swag code" but you can't say "Swagbuck's twitter just posted the code 'FAKECODE' for 8 bonus swagbucks."  Abusing the codes can also result in an account suspension. 

Posting your link around the internet is a great way to increase your swagbucks from referrals.  Just don't spam.  If you spam your link, Swagbucks has the right to close your account.

Swagbucks has put together a great list of dos and don'ts if I missed anything.

What is the Widget?

The widget allows you to use and share the different features of Swagbucks.  You can install the widget on any social network page or website.  As you will notice, the widget below has my name on it.  This is because as I mentioned, you can share it with your friends.  The bottom right has a sign up button which is customized with my referral link.  If you install a widget somewhere, it will be personalized with your link.

Additionally, the widget will always tell you where the swag codes are located when codes are released.  If you don't have a place to place the widget, I recommend selecting the Twitter version because it is a link to a website that has just your widget so you can bookmark it.

If you have any additional questions about Swagbucks, please leave a comment and I will help find an answer.


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