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My Coke Rewards is the reward program for anyone that drinks Coke, Sprite, Powerade or other products by the Coca-Cola company. Most of the packaging has a code which you can enter for points.  The points can then be redeemed for free products or saved for larger prizes.

It is rare to find promotional codes for extra points, however it's a free reward program and if you already drink their products you can collect points quickly.

If and when promotional codes become available, I will post them here with the label MCR.

I've tried to compile a list of questions you might have regarding My Coke Rewards. If there is something I've missed, please leave a comment and I will try to find the answer for you.

What products come with codes?

There are thirteen brands that participate in My Coke Rewards.
  • Barq's
  • Coca-Cola
  • Coke Zero
  • Dasani
  • Diet Coke
  • Fanta
  • Fresca
  • Mello Yello
  • Minute Maid
  • Powerade
  • Pibb
  • Sprite
  • Vault

How many points can I earn?

You many enter codes for up to 120 points per week but there is no limit to the total amount of points you can earn.  Different product sizes have different point values, however the following list is valid for a majority of the values listed above.
  • Bottle Cap = 3 points
  • 12 Pack of Cans = 10 points
  • 24 Pack of Cans = 20 points
  • 32 Pack of Cans = 25 points

What kinds of prizes are available?

Depending on how many points you save up, the prizes you can redeem will differ.  Here are a few of the most popular prizes.
  • 30 points = Free 20 oz Coke Product
  • 100 points = Free Blockbuster Rental
  • 2000 points = $50 Nike Gift Code


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