Possible Free Schick Razor at Target


Facebook fans of Schick Quattro for Woman can play a matching game for a chance to win $500. You can play once a day to be entered for the $500 prize and you do not have to beat the matching game to be entered.

What's great about this game is you will also get an instant prize. I got a $4 off coupon for the Schick Razor and was able to print two. Target has a deal this week that if you buy two, you'll get a $5 Target Gift Card. If you also get a $4 off coupon, this would make the final cost FREE for two packages of disposable razors.

Some people have posted on Schick's Facebook page that they got $3 coupons.  If you get the $3, the razors will be $1 each which is still a good price.

Update:  I think I broke Target's register today with this deal.  I had printed two coupons and the first one only rang up as $0.98 instead of the $4 and the second coupon wouldn't ring at all.  When a supervisor was called over she tried to override the register which then froze, showed a screen that said "register temporarily unavailable" and shut down completely.  The supervisor was completely baffled and took me over to a different register where it all worked correctly.


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