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Often times people avoid purchasing generic products because of the public reception of them. In the past, store brand items were a reflection of personal wealth. This article talks about ten products which are just as good as their brand name counterparts. Here are some of my favorites. Make sure to check out the original article at Wallet Pop to read them all.

1. Over-the-counter medications
Since the Food and Drug Administration requires generic medications to have the same ingredients as the patented products they replace, over-the-counter medications are the best way to save money by buying generic. No one wants to skimp on their health, so you'd think that a generic brand might be iffy. But that's not the case,
If you feel funny buying a store brand medication, don't be afraid to ask the pharmacist. They can help you find the best medicine for your needs.

3. Pantry staples
Flour, sugar, salt, spices and other single-ingredient items are all the same. Really, they are. Government regulations require the same production and storage for generics as they do for brands
Some people claim that certain brands of flour really make a difference in their cookies, but the only real difference is the package. Perhaps the name brand sifts the flour an extra time which would effect your measurements, but you can (and should) sift it at home anyway.

9. Salad mix and produce
Lettuce is lettuce and an apple is an apple, no matter if it has a brand name selling it or a private label or generic label. As with all produce, check for freshness and you'll be in good shape.
As the article says, an apple is an apple.

Read the full article at Wallet Pop.


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