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Previously I shared an article with you about products to always buy generic, but now I would like to share the opposite. Here are products you should never buy generic.

4. MP3 players
If you're too cheap to buy a real MP3 player -- such as an iPod, Zune or anything else that costs more than $10 -- then don't expect to get more than a few days' use from the cheaper knock-off. The generic players are in the bargain bin for a reason -- they suck and nobody wants to buy them.
There's a reason why iPod has become a household name when referring to an MP3 player in the same way that Band-aid became a household name for adhesive bandages.

6. Paint
One way generic products are made cheaper is by watering them down or making them thinner. Generic paint for your home is a bad idea. It's often thinner and will take more coats to cover an area. It may also chip and fade sooner than brand-name paint. And as far as home improvements go, paint is inexpensive, and is worth the cost for a quality brand. It's the labor that's expensive.
Buying a cheap paint today and you'll find yourself repainting the walls sooner than you'd like.

8. Apple knockoffs
We're not talking about legitimate companies that make licensed Apple products. We're talking about Apple product knock offs that should be pretty apparent from looking at them that they're not the real deal.

When you're spending however much on an Apple computer, iPod or other Apple gadget, why risk having it damaged by a knockoff?
This really goes for any brand. If you are spending your hard earned money on a nice piece of equipment, should you risk it with dollar store accessories?

To see the full list, head over to Wallet Pop.


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