Free Subscription to Everyday with Rachael Ray (Maybe)


I've never heard of the site hosting this promotion so I have sent them an email to learn more before providing you with a link. Please stay tuned because hopefully this is a valid deal and I will post it soon.

Update: I went to and the domain is the same company as the subscription link from Rachael Ray's Site, but I am going to wait to hear back from the company to make sure that the free subscription link is for the public. There are times when these links get out by accident and cause problems. Anyone remember the Kmart incident earlier this year?

Update 2: I have now seen a few sites, including my original source, posting this deal. If you choose to sign up before I can verify the deal, please do so at your own risk. The reason I have not posted the link is because of what I mentioned in my original update. You all know that when you see a deal on Making Cents of It, you can trust that it is legit and safe to click.

Source: Free Stuff Times


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