Great Deals on Coffee from Gevalia


Gevalia Coffee

Gevalia is so sure that you'll love their coffee that they are offering some great deal for first time buyers.

You can get three boxes of coffee for only $3 and free shipping. Besides your coffee, they will also send you a free stainless steel travel mug.  There are about forty varieties to choose from and you can also select if you would like your coffee to arrive whole bean or ground.

For those of you that think it sounds like a great deal but don't have a coffee machine, Gevalia has additional promotions currently going on.  Three different promotions include a 12-cup stainless steel encased programmable coffeemaker.

For $14.95 you'll get two boxes of coffee, the coffee machine, and a coffee scoop.

For $19.95 can get the Gevalia Sampler Pack containing 12 sample size packages of Gevalia coffee and the coffee machine or four boxes of coffee, the coffee machine, and a stainless steel travel mug.

Gevalia is a subscription program but they are offering this promotion because they are so sure that you will enjoy the coffee.  If however you do not like the coffee, you can cancel anytime and there is no obligation to make any additional purchases.

No minimum purchase – ever
Cancel any time just by calling us.

Dedicated customers service – we're here to help you
Call us at 1-800-GEVALIA (1-800-438-2542) to talk with a customer service representative. You can also manage your account online.

I personally have a Keurig Mini Personal Single-Serve Brewing System so I purchase k-cups. However, if you use a traditional machine or like to make more than one cup at a time this is a great way to stock up on coffee.


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