Plastic Jungle


Save up to 30% at your favorite stores.

Whether you want to buy or sell gift cards, Plastic Jungle is a great website to use. They guarantee all purchases and offer free shipping. This means that you can purchase gift cards at a discount and combine with coupons for an even greater savings. 

Have you ever gotten a gift to a store and wondered what the person was thinking? Or received a gift that you returned for store credit to a store you never shop at? Plastic Jungle will buy your unused gift cards/store credits for up to 93% on the dollar. This means that you can get cash for your unused giftcards.

Plastic Jungle's stock is always changing as they buy and sell gift cards so you can set up alerts for your favorite stores.  When a card becomes available, they'll send you an email.  You can then head over to the page and see what their newest stock has.  Since people can sell store credits and partially used gift cards, you will not always get a rounded amount, but Plastic Jungle will always tell you the exact value, your cost, and the percentage you're saving.  They also verify and guarantee each gift card so you can be assured that your purchase is safe.


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