My DJ Hero HouseParty: Party Day


I have been selected to host my first party through  This post will serve as the second of three relating to the experience.  I will chronicle the hosting experience through the three posts, saving it as a draft between typing until I post it for you.  This way you do not have a ton of DJ Hero posts.

The three posts in this series are:
  1. Before the Party Experiences
  2. Party Day
  3. After the Party Experiences
So after all of the applying to host and inviting my friends, it is party day.  The game arrived last week and I have been playing around with it to learn the features prior to my friends arriving.  HouseParty provided the cheat code to open all the songs, so luckily I didn't have to play for hours just for my friends to have their choice of music.

Since being accepted as a host, I have participated in discussions on HouseParty's national party page for the event.  It was great talking with other people that were selected to host the event because as a first time host, it helped me understand what was going on.  Discussion topics ranged from "Have they shipped it yet?"  to "What kind of food are you serving?"  While talking with other party hosts, I got some great ideas for the party.

The first idea was a unique "spin" on a chip bowl.  The idea involved melting old vinyl records in the oven over an oven safe bowl.  Since I didn't actually own any vinyls I was going to try a thrift shop when my mother said she might have some old ones tossed around her basement.  I didn't want to put food directly in these bowls, so I bought clear plastic bowls at the dollar store to place inside before filling with chips.

The second idea I found was to make turntable cupcakes.  After baking and frosting the cupcakes normally, I placed round pieces of chocolate on top and used colored frosting to create the DJ Hero buttons.  Luckily my baking skills are better than my artist skills because while the turntables didn't look the way I expected, they were delicious.

I set up the living room with the turntables so my friends could play.  Besides playing DJ vs DJ there was a mode for DJ and guitar, so I left my Guitar Hero controller out.  The annoying part was I only have two Wii remotes so we had to keep disconnecting one of the turntables and swap it if someone wanted to play guitar.

My laptop was left out so they could watch the tutorials if needed.  Of course everyone choose trial and error vs watching YouTube videos.  The game itself was not difficult to learn but much like the other musical games it was very difficult to master.

Instead of spending money on new decorations, I reused decorations from Memorial Day weekend.  It was actually a fun pairing since DJing is about mixing two genres of music into something new and this was my first night club luau.  Once a majority of my guests arrives, I started up the grill and made hamburgers and hotdogs for the crowd.  Dessert consisted of the turntable cupcakes and M&Ms.

We all had a great time.  My neighbors even brought their dog up and he was dancing to the music. I will definitely be applying to host more parties in the future.

Now that the party is over, I believe that there are more obligations to such as completing a host's survey. My third post in this series will review the after party procedures so you know what to expect if you host a party.

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Andy said...


I discovered this post through Google alerts, as it was DJ Hero themed and I just wanted to say that I work for FreeStyleGames (on DJ Hero & DJ Hero 2) and loved the effort you went to to host a DJ Hero party. Good job!

Particularly loved the turntable cup cakes! :)

All the best,


Cori said...

I had a lot of fun hosting the party and my friends enjoyed it as well. Anytime FreeStyleGames needs someone to try out their products, I'm available ;)

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