Pet Adoptions and Free Month of Dog Food


Are you thinking about getting a dog? Have you considered adopting? While you will have to pay adoption fees, they are often hundreds of dollars less than pet stores and breeders. Additionally, adoption fees often include your pets vaccinations and other new pet medical expenses.

If you are looking for a pet, check out Pet Finder which works with hundreds of shelters across the country to create a central search engine of adoptable pets. You can search by location, breed, and more.

Pedigree is a proud supporter of animal adoptions and they want to help you welcome your new furry friend into your home. Once the adoption is finalized, just send a copy of your adoption documentation and Pedigree will send you a free month of dog food as a thank you for rescuing a shelter dog. Just head over to their site to get the form and mailing address.

If you would prefer to purchase a dog instead of adopting, please make sure that your pet store or breeder is reputable. The Humane Society has put together a great article about Puppy Mills and it's very important to know the source of your animals.


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