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Recently, I learned of a promotion after it had already ended for a new product called Squiz Cards. I thought the product looked interesting so I contacted the company to ask if they had any future promotions coming up that my readers might enjoy. In response, I was offered a sample of the product to try. I placed my order on August 3, 2010, and they arrived on August 17, 2010.

Squiz Cards are a new take on the business card. These cards are smaller and come with a keychain dispenser. The dispenser is lightweight but a little bulky. I've seen larger keychains in stores, so the size shouldn't be a problem and it does make passing out your cards convenient. They also sell adhesive sleeves which you can place on the back of your cell phone or another convenient place for easy access to your cards.  I am told that new dispenser designs are in development so it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

The site allows you to choose a template or design your own. I went through the templates and they have tons of choices. There isn't a method to sort by theme but there is a search feature. There is also an option to upload your own design if you cannot choose one.

Here is a look at the cards I designed for Making Cents of It. This way when someone asks me about all my coupons at a register, I can just say something like "check out my blog" and pass them a card.

As you can see, the Squiz Cards that I received in the mail look just like my template. I'm really happy about that because when I was trying to design my own template the picture looked awful. So a word of advice is whether you go for a pre-designed template or design your own, be positive that you like your template because it will look EXACTY the same. I would also like to point out that the cards have a laminated finish. I think the finish looks really nice.  Originally I was thinking about taking the whiter back so I could write on them but you won't be able to use a regular pen or pencil on the coating. This plastic coating is used so the cards can get wet and not be ruined which is nice when used in a social setting.

I will personally be using the Squiz Cards to advertise Making Cents of It while out shopping but there are tons of other uses. As I mentioned, the plastic coating will prevent the cards from being damaged from liquids so you can use them in social situations when business cards are just too formal. It is surprising how much networking happens during happy hour.  If you have the adhesive holders, you can also keep Squiz Cards right on your laptop to pass out at the library or coffee shop.

Prices begin at $17.95 for 50 cards with discounts for bulk orders. Your first order will come with a free dispenser and additional dispensers can be purchased.

So what can you use the Squiz Cards for? Leave a comment on our Facebook discussion thread.  Squiz Cards has provided me with a promotional code good for 25 of my readers to redeem for a FREE starter pack including 50 Squiz Cards, plastic dispenser, and shipping.  The first 25 to comment on the discussion thread will receive a private message from me with the promotional code.

Disclaimer: I was sent a promotional code to order a set of Squiz Cards so that I could try out their product and see if it was something my readers might be interested in. Facts included in this post about the product come from the company's website. This product review is 100% my opinion.


Kelly Donovan said...

I would love to try them!!!!

Cori said...

The giveaway is on the Making Cents of It Facebook page. Please comment on the discussion thread there to win. Thank you!

d i l i p said...

Hi, thanks for the review. Just wanted to know if the cards will carry Squiz website link on the back as I see in your review or is it there because this was a sample pack sent to you?

Cori said...

I learned after I ordered them that there was an option for a blank back. I just read it wrong when I placed my order. You can also customize the back completely for an extra cost.

d i l i p said...

Thanks for the reply. I will check it out. :)

Anonymous said...

would love some

Anonymous said...

I think these are so much more convenient than regular business cards...cannot wait to try them out at next networking opp.


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