Shared reading: More Consumers Haggle Over New Car Prices


I recently found an article on AOL Auto about haggling over car prices at the dealership. The different suggestions made in the article can help you haggle in other areas as well. Even at large chain stores, it is possible to haggle down prices.

Free price quotes along with the transparency of invoice pricing and the ability of consumers to obtain financing quotes from institutions beyond the dealer has made for a much more prepared car shopper.
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Fortunately, haggling isn’t a psychological game of cat and mouse with the guy in the plaid suit. It’s more about homework than anything else.
Doing your homework is the first step to haggling. Showing a salesperson that you know the true value of a product will help you during negotiations.

By handling one’s financing separately you will get a better deal as the quote will be void of any “padding” that the dealers like to add on, such as extended warranties. Thus, as you will already have a lower financing rate in your hand, Royce said, the dealer will be pressed to beat it when the time comes during the negotiation.
Just like with cars, other items have "extras" as well. When stores group the extras together you might end up paying more for something you don't need. Also consider the financing. If you get your financing through the store you can negotiate the interest rate or a promotional discount for the new credit card.

Read the full article at AOL Auto for more tips and tricks of successful haggling.


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