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Back when I was in college I signed up for my first major freebie, an iPod.  The website I signed up with is no longer active in the United States, but the concept is still out there.  So how can you tell if the site is legit or a scam?  Back in 2004 when I first signed up, I did my research and found an article in the Harvard Crimson. who interviewed the CEO of the company which ran the site.  I then hung up posters all over my college campus with my referral link and eventually found five people to sign up.  Once my referrals signed up, I did receive a 20gb (the current model) iPod.

Today, I found a new article about a similar website on Wallet Pop.

Four complaints have been filed through through two separate Canadian BBB chapters against [website removed], based in Woodbridge, Ontario. Consumers reported that its website prompted them to take surveys and sign up to test products through trial offers from sponsors such as Netflix, Blockbuster and the New York Times.

In all four cases, consumers who completed the necessary steps did not get a free laptop. The company's failure to respond to these complaints has earned it an F-rating, the BBB's lowest.

As you know, I will never post any deals or websites on Making Cents of It that I cannot first verify. If you find a site that you're not sure about then take a few minutes to research the site first. Remember that Google is your friend and you can quickly find other people discussing the sites.  Trust me when I say that any site offering something for free will have people talking both good and bad. 

Check out Wallet Pop to read the full article.


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