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Bills tend to go up during the summer months for a variety of reasons. My A/C has been running almost non-stop with the current heat wave that's been in the 90s for almost two weeks. So is there a way to save on those summertime bills?

To cut down on watering bills, water early in the morning or late in the evening rather than in the afternoon. The water you spray on your lawn evaporates much more quickly midday, and in turn, you'll need more water to get the job done.
If you own a home, this can easily save you tons of money throughout the summer.

If you like to entertain or spend time outdoors, chances are you'll want to purchase some patio furniture. Buy your patio furniture late in the season or near major entertaining holidays like Memorial Day and July 4th to get a price break. For long-term value, buy durable, low-maintenance items in classic styles. Durability is especially important because patio furniture is subjected to the elements and tends to fade, crack and break.
Besides late in the season, extremely early in the season can be heavily discounted as well. Stores might have left over stock from the previous season sitting in the back and they'll need to clear the room before the new stock arrives.

This might seem like it's being posted too late to help you this year, but the end of season sales are going on now.  So if you need a new grill or outdoor furniture, it's a great time to go shopping.

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Unknown said...

Our AC doesn't drain properly so we get TONS of buckets full of water, we use them to water the flowers. lol. Then we don't have extra water commin' out our hose.

Cori said...

That's a great way to recycle the water, but is your AC working efficiently if it's leaking that much?

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