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This post has been sponsored by Macaroni Grill through My Blog Spark. I was sent the Grilled Chicken Florentine variety, in addition to a serving bowl and pasta tongs. This product review is 100% my opinion.

I was sent two separate packages for this review.  The first box contained the serving bowl and pasta tongs.  The second box contained the food packed in dry ice.

I don't eat frozen meals often, but when I received the offer to review Macaroni Grill's new frozen entrees I accepted the offer.  Since everyone has different taste when it comes to food, I decided to invite a friend over for dinner.

The directions state that it can be cooked on the stove or microwave.  For this review, I decided to cook it stove top.  When I first opened the package, I was skeptical by the appearance as it was frozen in a giant blob.  Once it was sitting on the stove top for a while, it began to look more appetizing.

I thought that the sauce tasted really good and although I used skim milk, it was still extremely creamy.  A nice thing from the packaging is "chief tips" which give you some ideas of changing the meal slightly. The recommendation suggested adding diced tomatoes to the dish before serving so I purchased a can of tomatoes. My friend liked it better with the tomatoes while I preferred it without tomatoes.  I haven't been to an actual Macaroni Grill in a while to be able to compare this frozen entree to the restaurant's entree however I did enjoy it.

If you are a fan of Macaroni Grill, I think you'll enjoy their frozen entrees. There are currently four varieties available:
  • Grilled Chicken Florentine
  • Basil Parmesan Chicken
  • Roasted Garlic Shrimp Scampi
  • Spicy Italian Sausage Pomodoro

You can head over to Macaroni Grill at Home to print a coupon for $1.50 off a frozen entree. If you prefer to eat in the restaurant, register on Macaroni Grill's website, you will get a coupon for $5 off two entrees at the restaurant.


abbasprincess said...

I would like to try
Spicy Italian Sausage Pomodoro

1. Amanda Morris
2. mandiecandie18@gmail.com
3. Method 1

abbasprincess said...

1.Amanda Morris
3. method 2

abbasprincess said...

1. AmandaMorris
2. mandiecandie18@gmail.com
3. method 3

Cori said...

Amanda, you have placed your entries on the wrong post. This is the review and the giveaway is here.


Anonymous said...

had this dish last night and hated it. I thought it was about as bland as it could be. Way way too much cream sauce.

We do eat a fair amount of frozen entrees in bags like this and this was by far the least favorite.

Cori said...

I'm sorry that you did not like it. I really enjoy cream sauces and thought it had a good flavor. I wonder if the type of milk you use makes a difference. I used skim milk and didn't think there was too much sauce. Maybe whole milk or cream would make the sauce too creamy.

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