Shared Reading: How to Save $420 on Your Cable Bill


Tech Flash has a great article about a guy that saves money on his cable bill be threatening to switch over to their competitor. I tried this with my cable company a few months ago but it didn't work because I can't get satellite in my building.

Yes, that’s right; tell them to turn off your service immediately. Until you ask for cancellation, their customer care representatives are not authorized to offer you their best deal.
Sometimes there are annoying keywords you must say before they are allowed to help you.  I had this happen with my cable company when I first moved in.  They couldn't offer me the bundle originally because I didn't tell them the code from the website.

It was only when I called back to cancel my service immediately that the company chose to give me their best price. The second call only took a few minutes to complete. The key is to start with cancellation.

The full article has complete details about his experience trying to keep the promotional rate. So head over to Tech Flash to learn more about saving money on your cable bill.


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