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We know that occasionally you can find great deals at drug stores but when there are no sales, some items are just ridiculous to purchase at those prices. Wallet Pop has created a list of the worst purchases at a drugstore.

The prices are so much more competitive at grocery stores, which benefit from bulk discounts and high turnover. Plus, grocers have much better selection.
There will be that rare time when a sale matched with a coupon will make cereal cheap or possibly free. These rare occasions are the only time when you should purchase your cereal at the drugstore.

Trial sizes
The teeny tiny packages are so cute it's hard to resist them, but do a quick per unit calculation and the price - compared to full size - will blow you away. In a bad way. Better to buy reusable containers and fill with your normal supply of shampoo and other toiletries.
There are a few times when you might like to buy these trial/travel size products. When you are thinking of trying a new brand these sample sizes are a great way to test the product out before buying in bulk. Another time when it pays to buy a trial size is if a coupon doesn't have a size limit because these small bottles might wind up being free.

Single-use cameras
With printing costs, each roll can top $20. That means you make money on a regular digital camera in just five rolls. Plus, you won't pay for developing bad shots.
The only time I would recommend a disposable camera is when you're going to the beach or other wet location. Waterproof cameras are still costly so for that rare vacation, one waterproof disposable camera could be worth the few extra dollars. 

Check out the full article at Wallet Pop.


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