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Whether you call it soda, pop, or soda-pop, we all know that it can get pretty pricey.  So when I first heard of the SodaStream machine, I thought it would be interesting to try.  I contacted the company and told them about Making Cents of It and how my readers are always looking for ways to save money.  After learning more about my readers, they sent me a SodaStream Fountain Jet to try and review.

The machine arrived and I was very excited to try it out.  The machine came with one can of carbon dioxide (makes 60 liters) and two reusable one liter BPA free bottles.  They also sent me a selection of flavors to taste.  The flavors range from traditional sodas like cola and root beer, to unique flavors like mango and grapefruit.  I think that anyone can find at least one flavor they like.  At first I couldn't figure out the measurements but I soon found the side of the cap had three levels for cup, half bottle, and full bottle.  The nice thing is that after you make the bottle of carbonated water, you can flavor the entire bottle at once or just a cup.  So if you're not sure what you want, you can change your mind for your second cup.

The machine itself was very simple to use.  There is no plug and the bottles just twist in.  The carbonator bottle twists in the back and is covered by the machine's case so that you don't actually see it.  You carbonate plain water by pushing the button and then add the flavoring last after removing the bottle from the machine.  The pictures on their website shows water coming directly from the sink however the directions say to use very cold water.  Therefore you need to refrigerate the water before carbonating.  I used water from my Brita which was already in the fridge.

I followed the instructions and made my bottle of carbonated water. Before adding the flavoring, I tasted the unflavored seltzer water. It tasted just like the sparkling water you would buy in the store. I then added the diet cola flavoring and found that it didn't have much flavor. I added a little more syrup and tried again. The second time I tasted it I found it to taste just like a generic diet cola. I also tried the lemon-lime and it too needed a little extra syrup but tasted really good.  I think maybe I wasn't reading the measuring cups correctly since both flavors needed a bit of extra syrup but tasted good.

If you are very picky and only drink a specific name brand, you might not like this flavoring. However, if you are the type to always buy the store brands of soda you won't notice a difference.  Since you are adding your own flavor, you can add more to make the flavor more intense.  Just remember that more syrup per bottle will result in more expensive soda overall.

My only major complaint about the machine is that it is taller than most kitchen appliances and it didn't fit under my cabinets.  If you don't have a height restriction on your counters, there won't be an issue because the machine itself takes little surface space.  Perhaps a different model will be shorter.

So now for the savings.  Overtime, the SodaStream will save you money if you drink lots of soda.  The most expensive part is the machine and since that doesn't need to be replaced the price per liter will go down every time you replace the carbonation tank and syrup.  I figured out that the initial price is $1.67 per liter, because of the cost of the machine.  After the initial purchase, replacement carbonation tanks will cost an average of $0.25 per liter to carbonate.  Add in the price of flavoring, and a liter of soda is only $0.67.

I looked up retail locations that sell the SodaStream and one such store is Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Using those 20% coupons we all love, the tanks will cost about $0.20 per liter and flavoring will cost $0.33 per liter, making a liter of soda only $0.53.  Except for when we find great coupons (which I always post for you), this price is hard to beat.

Besides saving money, SodaStream will also help you save the environment.  Instead of adding bottles to landfills, this machine allows you to reuse bottles.  The bottles that came with the machine are BPA free and will last a while.  Just be sure not to put them in the dishwasher because they are not designed to withstand heat.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Sodastream Fountain Jet machine along with a variety of flavors so that I could try out their product and see if it was something my readers might be interested in.  Prices per liter were based off of prices in the SodaStream online store and may vary depending on where you shop.  This product review is 100% my opinion.


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