Shared Reading: Charged a "Mandatory" Fee for Pre-Downloaded Updates


Have you ever been charged a fee for something that should have been free? Well, that's what happened to a Consumerist reader recently.

And it's not even a long-term fix, since Sony seems to update its hardware every few weeks to derail the efforts of hackers who continually break into the system.

From what I can gather in this short article, a shopper was charged an extra $30 service fee for a PS3.  Instead of receiving a never opened PS3, they purchased one which was open by the store and plugged in so that the store could provide a free update. If this ever happens to you just calmly ask to speak with a supervisor. Most stores would rather wave this ridiculous $30 fee than lose the sale completely.

While the article itself is short, check out Consumerist's page to join the discussion regarding these fees.


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