Great Deal on HP Ink at Staples


I'm not positive if this will work, but if you can stack these two deals, the best case scenario will get $50 worth of HP ink for only $30.

The first deal is a rare coupon for $10 off a $50 HP ink purchase.

The second promotion is for a $10 Staples gift card when you spend $49 on HP ink.

While I'm pretty sure you will be able to use both deals, you might have to buy $60 worth of ink so that after the instant coupon your total is still over $49. This will bring your final price to $50. If the rebate doesn't print at the register because you used a coupon, you can find the rebate form on Staples website. However, if it doesn't print at the register it might be a clue that Staples will not allow you to combine the promotions.


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