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Immortals is the new film from the creators of 300. The screening I attended was in 3D and I'm not sure if the film is offered in 2D but keep in mind that my review is based on the 3D showing.

Immortals follows a young Greek man, Theseus, as he is unknowingly picked by the Zeus to save society. Through Theseus, we see how life was in Greece for a peasant. While King Hyperion is starting wars to find a mythical weapon, Theseus is being led in the direction to stop the king and prevent the titans from being released. I came out of the theater with a mixed opinion. The storyline itself is not the type of film that I normally go to, and to be honest, I just couldn't get into the intense battle scenes.

The acting was good and the cast was spot on. Each actor did a wonderful job bring the characters to life. I did find it interesting that for a film titled Immortals, you didn't see too much of the immortals. Sticking to Greek mythology, Zeus ordered the G-ds to not interfere with the dealings of mortals.

If you don't like gory scenes, or you were thinking of taking a younger family member, please consider that the film has a lot of blood and guts. This is based before guns existed so be prepared for lots of hand-to-hand fighting to the death. There is also some intense torture scenes, and even a sex scene.

The only scene that really screamed "worth the 3D extra fee" was the final scene. I won't give you details because it was the final scene but otherwise I wasn't too impressed with the 3D.

My personal opinion of this film is that it had it's moments but the overall story wasn't that thrilling. I did enjoy the mythology that was thrown in. If you are the type to enjoy movies like 300, this film is for you.

Immortals will be released nation wide on November 11, 2011.

Movie Rating for Immortals

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